I have been stamping for years and am excited to share and learn along with you.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Month off

I've decided life is just too busy right now so I'm taking a month off.  I'll start posting again sometime after Labor day when things have calmed down a bit.  Hopefully I will have reorganized my supplies so I can find and use them.

In the mean time I thought I'd share a picture I took recently from my front yard, looking at the top of a tree in my neighbors back yard.  This is a Mississippi Kite, a couple showed up last year on our street.  They returned this year with friends, they are BIG like hawks.  I love watching them soar in circles way above the houses.  Best of all someone told me they eat mosquitoes, YEAH!

Any way thought this picture would be a good one to practice drawing bird shapes and feather texture from.  Have a great rest of the summer and I'll be back in the fall with lots of pics, tutorials and hopefully a regular schedule.