I have been stamping for years and am excited to share and learn along with you.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Cards with patterned paper

Recently I saw a pack of paper at Tuesday Morning that I just had to have, it was a 25 sheet pack of all the same image.  I rarely use pattern paper, I'd much rather use stamps, inks, etc... to create my own backgrounds but it was such a bargain and it was just so pretty.  I instantly started thinking of all the quick cards that could be make with it.

 It is 12 x 12 and has 6 different images on the page, all of which are A2-ish in size.  That's 6 cards per sheet and I got somewhere around 25 sheets of paper, all for the amazing price of 99 cents.   The paper is not card stock weight but that was fine with me since I would be using it as a layer not the base for my cards.

I've made 2 card with it so far and am playing with a mini book which I'll share another time.  This first card is unfinished and waiting for the "perfect" occasion to come along.  It is 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 and the base layer was embossed with a Cuttlebug folder.  I had to run it through my Big Shot twice to emboss the entire front side which left seams.  Most of the seam is covered up but the area's at the top and bottom that do show I decided to play up by adding bead ribbon half way only stopping at those seams.  Sometimes it's better to make the best of something and  "go with it" than to try to hide a flaw.

The book was created using a Spellbinder die set and a script stamp from Rubbernecker.  Thought it was finished when I noticed the purple ribbon scrap in a jar over my desk, it was the perfect size to be a book marker.  I then added a few foil flower stickers over similar flowers on the pattern paper.  The maroon layer was punched on all four corners with a Fiskar punch before I glued everything together.  I hope I don't need a sympathy card anytime soon but this would be perfect so I'm putting the this card unfinished into my stash.

The other card ended up becoming a mother's day card for my mother in law because she loves her flower gardens.  This paper has very faint grey script on it so after die cutting the blue grey elements for this card I once again pulled out that Rubbernecker script stamp and stamped them to match.  It is subtle but really helped draw out the script in the patterned paper.  The doily die cuts are Spellbinder and the scroll and butterfly are Cuttlebug.  The Happy Mother's Day I printed off on my computer after measuring the area inside of the scroll die cut, that's what those rulers you see in your editing software are for by the way.  I'm not into making my own paper flowers so I finished it off with a silk flower that I'd added a gold brad to.

If anyone know who made this paper pattern I'd love to know, unfortunately there wasn't any info on the back side of the paper and no info in or on the packaging either.  Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Texas Proud

Just a quick post to show a journal page I did this past weekend.  My son is home from college for the summer and we decided to go to the Fort Worth stockyards and wander around for a while as we were catching up.  The area has plenty of history to go around and it always makes me proud to be a Texan after a visit there.  There is so much to see and do there, what a great afternoon.  Here is a link if you want to know more: fortworthstockyards - history.  I did this page that night after dinner, Texas was definitely still on my mind.

First off I know the flag colors are arranged wrong but the gold star that I had looked better over a white background and there are no rules in journaling anyway, right?!

 The blue and red are a watercolor wash and the boots and hat were done with a stencil in chalk pastels.  Sorry you can't dash out to pick this one up because it is one my son got at a birthday party when he was little.  I have no idea where the paper star came from either but because of the two tone colors it was easy to crease and then add skinny slivers of foam tape underneath so that it has the same up and down texture and shape as a sheriff's badge.  Looks so cool in real life.  The longhorn stamp is from Beeswax and the other 2 are from Stamping Sensations.

The page as a whole, including the writing came together really quickly.  Next time you are stuck for a topic try focusing on your heritage or family history.  I'll bet you will have plenty of ideas all of a sudden or you can click on the link above and journal about the cowboys and cattle drives.

Until next time... Yee Haw Y'all!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Scenic stamping in journaling

I have a quite a few half page scenes in my stamping room.  Most were experiments and not my best work which is why I still have them.  I decided to gather them all up and put them in with my backgrounds for journaling and I've already used one, all I had to do was journal and it is ready to put in my book.

The stone house is from Stamp Camp, the Hula Bunnies and tree are Stamp La Jolla images, the sun is from Anita's Art Stamps and the flower image is from A Stamp in the Hand.  I used several techniques on this piece including water color markers on stamps and on the images after stamping; a chalk pastel background; and colored inks on stamps instead of just black.

The journaling around the page says: Summer is here and the kids are home.  Now I'm back to cooking, cleaning and running all over town every day.  My stamps are abandoned and lonely.    I'll bet a lot of us mom's will be feeling this way soon if not already.

One quick side note/observation.  I keep forgetting to leave a binding margin on my pages, I may have to go thru and draw a line on all the pages I have waiting to be used because no matter how many times I say I'm going to remember to not write in that space when I sit down to do actual journaling I always forget.

Friday, May 9, 2014

The journey to becoming who you want to be

I have a stamp by Stampland of Chicago that talks about it never being too late... and knew it needed to be included on a page.  I'll give you the full quote later but first lets talk about the background of this page.

It is another mono-print and I decided to use some glycerin as my blending medium this time to see what happens and while the page came out pretty in the end, the colors blended together completely.  I'm not sure if I used too much or it is too liquid to begin with.  I'll have to experiment more.   I wanted to use my color wheel to pick my third color and was skeptical of using the color green but it said it was a good choice so I went with it, the colors I used are: burgundy, gold and a small bit of  a light green, I was still skeptical.  Like was already mentioned the paints were too wet and blended together completely, which resulted in the green disappearing and I was left with a golden pinkish burgundy background.  I liked the blend of the red and gold and over all it was pretty but definitely needed to brought up a notch.  That's when I realized the lighter green I had chosen looked like a patina, so I grabbed a sea sponge and dabbed a little more gold here and there for highlights and then added some green "patina" onto the page.  

Maybe that color wheel thing works after all because now my page really popped.   Once it was dry I took a Distress pad in Tea Stain and ran it across one side of the page to "age" it and make it look like someone really had spilled tea on that edge of the page.

Here are the embellishments I decided to use on my page, all of them were leftovers or things I had done previously but never used.  I  did use some of the same color from the background to color the swirl die and the doily die.  The ribbon was actually purple so I dropped it on top of  the same burgandy ink pad that had been used to stamp that heart and pressed away until it changed color.  You can see the difference it made below.

 The above panel was an experiment in double embossing and I love how it came out.  The embossing folders are Sizzix and Cuttlebug and the stamps are Lost Coast and Beeswax.  The flowers are also Cuttlebug, the swirl is Sizzix again and the gold flower centers and leaves are left overs from a Cuttlebug label die.  The flower center at the bottom left is a faux opal, here is a link to the post for making them: http://stampinstacystyle.blogspot.com/2011/12/im-still-in-learning-mode-but-found.html#links

Here is my finished page including the stamp from Stampland of Chicago which says: "It is never too late to become what we might have been" by g eliot.  Words to live by don't you think?  Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Discovering the story of Me

This is page 2 of my journal and was created using a half sheet of Kromecoat white glossy that I found in my stash, apparently I has streaked blue ink across an entire sheet and then never used it .  I felt glossy was perfect because this is a "snapshot" of who I have thought I was as an artist for years, a rubberstamper.  

The page is mostly stamping with some words glued onto it and the stamps are from many different companies, none of them new:   Stamp Francisco, Lost Coast, Beeswax, Innovative Stamp Creations, Rubber Stamp Tapestry, Lasting Impressions with Panache and lastly the rose bud is from PSX.  There is a small bit of stenciling as well.

 I first glued the photo stamp image and rose onto my blue base page.  They had already been stamped and cut out and were ready to use.  I used something from my stash again, hurrah.  Of course I still have tons but maybe eventually I won't have several shoe boxes full of  bits and pieces, just a small manageable pile, yeah right!!

Then I just started stamping and having fun. I had gone through some ad magazines and cut out a few words and phrases that I thought I could use before tossing them into recycle so next I glued some of those onto my page.  The last thing I did was add a bit of distress ink in Tea Stain around the edges and called it done.

I've already started the next page and hope to have it posted soon.