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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Texas Proud

Just a quick post to show a journal page I did this past weekend.  My son is home from college for the summer and we decided to go to the Fort Worth stockyards and wander around for a while as we were catching up.  The area has plenty of history to go around and it always makes me proud to be a Texan after a visit there.  There is so much to see and do there, what a great afternoon.  Here is a link if you want to know more: fortworthstockyards - history.  I did this page that night after dinner, Texas was definitely still on my mind.

First off I know the flag colors are arranged wrong but the gold star that I had looked better over a white background and there are no rules in journaling anyway, right?!

 The blue and red are a watercolor wash and the boots and hat were done with a stencil in chalk pastels.  Sorry you can't dash out to pick this one up because it is one my son got at a birthday party when he was little.  I have no idea where the paper star came from either but because of the two tone colors it was easy to crease and then add skinny slivers of foam tape underneath so that it has the same up and down texture and shape as a sheriff's badge.  Looks so cool in real life.  The longhorn stamp is from Beeswax and the other 2 are from Stamping Sensations.

The page as a whole, including the writing came together really quickly.  Next time you are stuck for a topic try focusing on your heritage or family history.  I'll bet you will have plenty of ideas all of a sudden or you can click on the link above and journal about the cowboys and cattle drives.

Until next time... Yee Haw Y'all!!

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