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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Discovering the story of Me

This is page 2 of my journal and was created using a half sheet of Kromecoat white glossy that I found in my stash, apparently I has streaked blue ink across an entire sheet and then never used it .  I felt glossy was perfect because this is a "snapshot" of who I have thought I was as an artist for years, a rubberstamper.  

The page is mostly stamping with some words glued onto it and the stamps are from many different companies, none of them new:   Stamp Francisco, Lost Coast, Beeswax, Innovative Stamp Creations, Rubber Stamp Tapestry, Lasting Impressions with Panache and lastly the rose bud is from PSX.  There is a small bit of stenciling as well.

 I first glued the photo stamp image and rose onto my blue base page.  They had already been stamped and cut out and were ready to use.  I used something from my stash again, hurrah.  Of course I still have tons but maybe eventually I won't have several shoe boxes full of  bits and pieces, just a small manageable pile, yeah right!!

Then I just started stamping and having fun. I had gone through some ad magazines and cut out a few words and phrases that I thought I could use before tossing them into recycle so next I glued some of those onto my page.  The last thing I did was add a bit of distress ink in Tea Stain around the edges and called it done.

I've already started the next page and hope to have it posted soon.  

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