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Thursday, December 22, 2011

I 'spy' Steam Punk

Have you noticed that the Steam Punk movement that has been popular in the stamping world for a while now has gone mainstream?  I have been seeing it everywhere!  From displays, to things you can buy; such as wall hangings, clocks and even lamps.  I have in fact seen Steam Punked table lamps at two different stores.  Always excites me when I see a trend showing up elsewhere that we stampers have been "doing" for a while.  I have even noticed our trends on television before, lol.

What about you what stamping trends have you noticed while out shopping lately?  Any good Steam Punk merchandise?  The stores I was at were way too crowded to stop and take pictures.  Okay truth, I was too chicken to let people see me taking the pictures.  LOL!

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