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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Virtual Convention coming to RSC May 3 - 7 2012

Do you like attending rubber stamp conventions?  All those companies gathered in one place, selling everything needed to create paper crafting "master pieces".  What's not to love right??

Except maybe the long drive if you don't live close by or maybe there is a scheduling conflict that keeps you from attending.  How about the standard convention food, of which the best stuff always sells out before you stop to eat.  Would you like to not have tired feet when it is all said and done, maybe even do your shopping in your pj's...

When the Rubber Stamp Chat forum was started years ago, Amy aka XrayAmy the owner started a tradition called the "Virtual Stamp Convention".  It was a new concept where a special area was temporarily opened up at the forum for stamp companies to sell their stamps and other supplies at special RSC member discounts.  The convention usually lasts for one weekend only but you can shop around the clock, until you drop.

Each company that signs up to participate has a thread on "the convention floor", that they can list what they sell, explaining discounts and specials they are offering RSC members that weekend. Their thread usually includes links and special discount codes, some have even created a special web page that can only be found/accessed thru the RSC convention. 

There is also a place for members of RSC to start discussions about what they have purchased or anything else convention related that they want to "Chat" about.  We been known to start virtual "happy hours" where we pretend we are actually together in one place enjoying margarita's or something and discuss the snacks we are eating while we shop online.   Virtual food is calorie free you know so worries about blowing that diet you are on.  Basically we just get plain silly and have fun enjoying each other's virtual company!

Oh yeah, the comment about shopping in your pj's.   Well certain members really have been know to stay up all night surfing the web in said pj's, checking out all the vendors attending the convention with a credit card at the ready.  So come check it out Thursday May 3rd - Monday May 7th.  Just don't say I didn't warn you when you shop in your jammies!!

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