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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Here are pictures of the completed mermaid doll I showed you yesterday.  You probably noticed in yesterdays pic that I had 2 different heads cut out.  I have found this easier so I can avoid getting glue on the doll's face.  Once they are both finished, I can put glue on the back of the one with the face and then slide the other one onto the back of it.   Be sure to lift the doll's hair up and over the face of the doll and not between the two heads.  A bonus to this method is it makes the head/neck sturdier, thus supporting any weight from hair or other embellishments.

The hair is made from Raffia that was beige in color, I used reinkers to change the color.  It is important to make a dolls hair more than one color, it is more realistic that way.  Usually I use 3 or 4 colors but since I was having to dye the raffia I opted to only make 2 colors this time and then used glitter glue in the hair instead.

Click on the pictures to bring up larger images.  Promise to do a more in-depth tutorial on dolls soon but I was in a hurry to get this one done so I could take it with me to the convention today.  She was half done already as well, I am really glad to get her completed and that tail section off my desk.

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