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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thinking of you blue rosette


Evidently blogging is going to require retraining the brain a bit.  Remember that sneak peak in my last post?  I started making the card using the Spellbinder Eyelet Shapabilities dies and before I knew it all the pieces were completed and it was time to start assembling my card.  Problem was I forgot to take pictures along the way for the blog. Oops!!  Good thing I have another card to make.  This one is similar but it is in another color scheme and with a few different embellishments.  The other one is going to be this year’s valentine’s card for my husband and I’ll post it later with an explanation how it came together but here we go with today’s card:

Above is a picture of the dies I used for this card and how I laid them out on my cardstock before cutting.  They are all Spellbinder dies from several different sets.  I used both circle dies from the Eyelet set and one of the matching border Eyelet dies as well.  I also cut 2 circles smaller than the inner Eyelet die; these will be used as a base and reinforcement for the rosette I’m making.  Actual size doesn’t matter as long as they are smaller than the rosette and center embellishment you are going to use on your rosette. They will affect the size your rosette will become though since that is what the ring will be scrunched up and glued to.  I also cut a scalloped circle, although I ended up using the wrong one this time.  I meant to cut one slightly larger than the Eyelet circle but ended up with one slightly smaller.  Just means I won’t have a double scallop effect on the top center of my rosette but I still get to layer them for a great coloring effect which I will show you later in this post.

As you can see, the larger circle actually ends up as a ring of paper.  I have seen many tutorials for taking a strip of paper and accordion folding it, gluing the ends together and then making the rosettes but did you know you can make one from a paper ring as well?  I have used my score board and a stylus to make the folds in the ring before but this time I used the pattern of the ring as a guide and made the folds by hand.  Sometimes the “old fashion way” of doing something is just easier.

I am going to upload this to the January challenge for “Anything But Cute” group over at Paper Craft Planet so it had to blue as well as a thinking of you card, so I pulled out my chalks.  This card was screaming subtle to me and chalks are always a good option when you want color without over powering your card.  I first applied chalk to my dies cuts and there is no right or wrong with this step, just follow your instincts.  The best part of using chalks is the ability to erase if you don’t like something.   I added more blue to the scalloped circle so it would be darker and show thru the pattern of the eyelet circle cuts.  Does not show up as well online but it really helps the eyelet design on top of the rosette pop.

 Next I stamped my sentiment from K & Company with VersaMark ink.  I then added chalk over the stamped image.  Let the stamped image sit for a few seconds first to partially dry before applying chalk or you might smear the VersaMark, however.  Next rub the image with your finger, this will help set the chalk into ink so it doesn’t come off later.  Just be sure you finger is clean so you don’t transfer something else onto the card and ruin it.  Now take an eraser and go over the stamped image to remove the excess chalk.  Notice how the stamped image does not erase and remains, pure magic!

You can now begin to make your rosette.  I am not going to go into a lot of detail how to do this since it is not really a new technique and can be found everywhere; using a precut  paper ring or a strip of paper glued together to form a ring does not change the “how to” from this point on:
1)      Scrunch your ring of paper and use the circles you cut; one glued to the bottom with a glue gun to form the base, then glue one to the top of your rosette for reinforcement.
2)      Glue the eyelet circle onto the scalloped circle.
3)      Glue this onto the top of your rosette and it is done.

You are now ready to assemble the card.  I used white antique linen paper for my base.  I love how it adds to the soft feminine look of the card.  I also added a bit of lace below the border cut.  I hope my sister in law likes the card and it brightens her day.

In either pink or blue I think this would be great as a "New Baby Congratulations" cards too.

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